Seminar and Interview Session: Norwich School


12 October 2018 (Friday)
18:00 - 19:00 (Registration starts at 17:45)
下午6時至7時 (下午5時45分登記)
7/F., 10 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

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Peter Goddard
(Director of International Admissions and Manager SWIRE Mandarin Scheme Norwich)
  Admissions interviews can be arranged for students who can provide school transcripts and relevant documents. Students who are interested in the admission interview, please contact our local representative office, Chamberlain Educational Services Centre by 34268000 or email to Prior reservation is a must as limited places are available.   學生如有興趣面試,請與我們的本地招生代表—天麟教育聯絡(電話:3426 8000 或電郵。請於面試前提供成績表及相關文件。面試名額有限,須提前預約。
Studying in one of the top UK schools - Norwich School

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Norwich School is an independent, co-educational school for pupils between the ages of four and eighteen. Set in the city’s historic Cathedral Close, the school is a traditional yet lively place to learn and combines a vibrant, imaginative culture with values of scholarship and mutual respect. Our true essence is recreated every day by the supportive atmosphere created by our inspirational staff, by our broad curriculum, by our excellent facilities and finally by the pupils themselves.

Norwich School wins the East Anglia Independent Secondary School of the Year title.
  諾威治學校是一所私立男女校,為4至18歲的學生提供教育。學校歷史悠久,位處諾威治的Cathedral Close,是一個既傳統又充滿活力的地方,讓學生可享受全面及具啟發性的教育。諾威治學校以其學術造詣見稱,加上師生關係融洽,學生公開考試成績卓越,亦擁有優良的課外活動設施,故常被視為進入名牌大學的踏腳石。

- Norwich School is ranked 71 in the Telegraph Independent Schools A-level results table 2018

- The school is ranked 14th nationally in the Sunday Times’ Schools Guide for destination of independent school leavers

- A-level results 2018 (as of 16 August 2018)
● Success rates: A*: 24%; A*- A: 57%; A*- B: 83%
● 2 pupils with 4 A*; 12 pupils with 3 A* or better; 48 pupils with 3 A or better
● 16 pupils to Oxbridge
● UK University destinations for Norwich School pupils include Cambridge, Oxford, Cardiff, Durham, UCL, KCL, Exeter, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Imperial, Bath and Warwick
- 在The Telegraph私立學校2018 A-level成績排名中位列第71名

- 根據《星期日泰晤士報》的學校指南,諾威治學校在畢業生去向全國排名中位列第14名

- 2018 A-level 成績(截至2018年8月16日)
● A*:24%; A*- A:57%; A*- B:83%
● 共2人取得4科 A*;12人取得3科A*或更好成績;48人獲得3科A或更好成績
● 共16名學生被牛津或劍橋名校錄取
● 2018年度畢業學生被劍橋大學、牛津大學、卡迪夫大學、杜倫大學、倫敦大學(UCL)、倫敦國王學院(KCL)、埃克塞特大學、布里斯托大學、紐卡素大學、曼徹斯特大學、諾丁漢大學、 里茲大學、 愛丁堡大學、倫敦帝國學院、巴斯大學及華威大學等錄取

- Norwich School is ranked 81 in the Telegraph Independent Schools GCSE results table 2018

- GCSE results 2018 (as of 23 August 2018)
● Success rates: A*: 45%; A*- A: 71%; A* - B: 89%; A*- C: 99%
● 1 candidate with 11 A*; 5 candidates with 10 A* or better; 14 candidates with 9 A* or better
- 在The Telegraph私立學校2018 GCSE成績排名中位列第81名

- 2018 GCSE 成績(截至2018年8月23日)
● A*:45%; A*- A:71%; A*- B:89%; A*- C:99%
● 1名學生取得11科A*、5名取得10科A*或更好成績、14名取得9個 A*或更好成績

  NB. Some subjects have been given a numerical grade this year. The above figures have been calculated using the conversion: A* = 9 or 8, A = 7, B = 6, C = 5 or 4   備註:本年度某些科目已使用數字作評分。以上評分已採用下列方式換算:A* = 9 or 8, A = 7, B = 6, C = 5 or 4  
  Music – For Senior school, more than 20 different music ensembles rehearsing every week; more than 35 music teachers visit the school for individual music lessons   音樂 - 每週排練超過20種不同的音樂演奏;超過35位音樂老師到訪學校個別教授音樂課堂  
  Dance – About 135 pupils took to the stage in this year’s Dance Festival   戲劇 - 今年的舞蹈節上約有135名學生登台表演  
  Sports – Upper 5 and Sixth Form pupils have access to over 20 different sports   體育 - 中五和中六年級的學生均可參加20多種不同的運動  
  A* A* A A B  |  Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College

Studying at Norwich School was a great chapter in my life.

The A-Level courses I studied have been nothing short of incredible. Just by mingling around with my course mates, the helpful and knowledgeable teaching staff also made my studying experience in Norwich fantastic. The classes are structured in a way that encourages students’ participation, making the classes alive with pupils exchanging views and sharing experience during discussions.

My homestay was just great I got on with and enjoyed my host’s hospitality.

“Norwich School is certainly not just about the two years I spent studying, but the lifelong changes that can happen to us which will equip us to be shining stars in the working field once we graduate."

  A* A A B  |  Product Design at the University of Loughborough

I really enjoy design and had heard great things about Norwich School – about the facilities and staff. I also attended a seminar, at which the Head of the Design Department spoke. Therefore, I knew what the course entailed, what it would allow me to do, and the opportunities that are provided.

My course allowed me to experiment, to push new ideas and learn new innovating techniques. The impressive facilities that are available were just one of the highlights. All of it was made possible by the help and support of the tutors and technicians who were always there to help.

I would definitely recommend Norwich School; the school offered me opportunities that I wouldn't have been able to get elsewhere. The School is in a great central location in Norwich.

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