Chamberlain Educational Services Centre was established in 2003. We provide expert and professional advice to students in Hong Kong and Mainland China and help them to find the most suitable institution for overseas studies in the UK. We have a strong and well-established network of British schools, and are the Hong Kong representative of many well-known institutions, including primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. Our services include:

l   Academic Profile Matching
l   Portfolio Consultation
l   Application for Admission
l   Overseas Education Consultation
l   Consultation for UCAS Application
l   Consultation for Student Visa Application
l   Pre-departure Briefings
l   Guardianship Arrangement
l   Overseas Studies Seminar
l   Assistance in IELTS Application

The company was initially established in Central, Hong Kong íV in the heart of Hong Kong's business district íV and has since expanded into Guangdong province, Mainland China where it has a base in Guangzhou providing access to a rapidly growing market of highly motivated, well qualified and well financed students keen to study abroad.

We work closely with the British Council Hong Kong and we are one of the recognized Registered Agent in British Council Hong Kong.

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