World-class Qualification with Global Recognition
The UK education system is highly regarded around the world with internationally recognised and highly respected qualifications. UK institutions provide a superb learning environment through which students can lay a solid foundation for their future and boost both their creativity and career prospects.

Culture Diversity and Opportunities For Travel
UK is a diverse and cosmopolitan country with people from around the world living and studying there. It's location on the edge of Europe provides an excellent stepping stone for travel to a multitude of countries and its art, history, culture, sport and landscape provide a fascinating and exciting learning experience that is difficult to match anywhere else in the world.

Makes Financial Sense
Tuition fees in the UK are not necessarily cheaper than other countries. UK degrees, however, take only three years to complete whilst postgraduate master's courses require only one year both of which are much shorter than most other countries. Students studying for more than six months are allowed to work part-time during their study and health care is free. Gaining a quality, world-renowned education is not therefore as expensive as first appears and certainly can be regarded as excellent value for money.

The UK education system is a fore-runner in vocational and further education for all ages and all levels of ability. There is a course and educational pathway available for the most academically able students as well as those wishing to focus on a potential career. There is a government-driven demand to increase the number of international students entering the UK from China.

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